I'm interested in repairing or replacing my roof.

Got a leaky roof? Already thinking of a replacement? Ecogy can front-load a substantial portion of our lease payments towards a reroof subsidy.

Leasing space is a preferable route for businesses in need of a re-roofing as it allows them extra up-front funds to accomplish expensive structural repairs with zero interest!

Once the re-roofing work is complete, we will install a community solar system that will further save your business off its monthly electric bill, and protect your new rooftop from weathering.

Best Suitable for: Damaged, Weathered & Old Rooftops


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Ecogy pays you an annual rent check in exchange for generating solar energy on your rooftop, parking lot or parcel of land. Ecogy finances, operates, and insures this project in its entirety so your business gets the financial benefits of solar, while we take on the risk.


With an Ecogy power-purchase agreement (PPA), we pay the full upfront and all ongoing costs of the system. You simply pay for the power the system produces at a discount to your current rate.


Ecogy would like to rent the air rights over your parking area to host solar powered shade canopies. Our canopies are custom built to your specifications to maximize parking space and provide an additional barrier between the vehicles in your lot and the elements.


Our new Energy Monitoring Software Suite the Econode generates real time consumption data for your facilities. By providing a comprehensive view of your energy usage, the Econode gives you the insight needed to better manage your facilities, at a fraction of the cost of today’s building management systems.


With peak shaving, we reduce your power consumption quickly and for a short period of time to avoid a spikes in consumption. This is either possible by temporarily scaling down production, activating an on-site power generation system, or relying on a battery. With Load Shifting, dedicated generators or electricity storage facilities owned by the power consumer can be used to bridge high-price or high-load phases.


Who has Ecogy worked with in the past and how long have you been around? . . .

Ecogy was founded as a developer, financier and owner-operator of distributed generation resources in 2011 with our first project for Longwood Gardens, the nation's largest botanical garden. Since then, we have found our niche specializing in financing distributed generation assets for traditionally underserved entities including affordable housing, non-profits and municipalities. Our current portfolio comprises over 35 systems across 6 states, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our most recent projects were for Howard University in D.C., the Wilmington Housing Authority in Wilmington, DE, and the Town of Lyndhurst, NJ.

Am I able to host a community solar system and also subscribe to it to save on my energy bills? . . .

Absolutely. In this case, hosts of community solar systems will receive the guaranteed lease payment in addition to energy savings on their electric bills. Moreover, Ecogy will provide a comprehensive marketing and PR campaign including drone videography and a Flip the Switch celebration ceremony.

What happens if I decide to sell the building? . . .

If you were to decide to sell the building at a future point, the lease agreement could simply be transferred and assigned over to the new owner similar to any other lease arrangement. Additionally, having this lease agreement in place actually makes your property more attractive to potential buyers as there is already an income-opportunity established through the revenue-generating system.

How does Ecogy offer no-cost solar? . . .

Ecogy is unique in that we have internal capital to develop, finance, and own & operate these projects. Rather than sell you on a very expensive solar system, we want to pay you to host one of our own - all on our dime. We believe it's a better option for us to own and operate these systems due to our veteran team of asset/energy managers and software architects, our experience managing a portfolio of a variety of projects

How will the system impact my roof? . . .

Any damage we cause we are liable for. When feasible, we use ballasted, non-penetrating racking solutions for flat-roofs and non-penetrating clamp racking for standing seam roofs. These systems are simply weighed down by concrete blocks avoiding any penetrations to your roof - minimizing any risk.