How it Works…


Finances the construction of a solar system; you pay zero upfront and ongoing costs.

Ecogy is solely responsible for the installation, maintenance, and removal of the system at the end of its lifetime.

YOUr business

Agrees to host the system for an annual lease payment, reroof subsidy or upfront payment or purchase the energy generated by the system at a significantly lower fixed cost than your current energy bill.

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  • Energy Savings and New Revenue start from Day 1

    Our mission is to make the adoption of renewable energy as profitable and as low risk as possible for business owners. By making our finances available to you immediately, we can not only help save the planet, but do right by the people who keep it up and running every day.

  • Clean energy for your building/community

    By hosting solar at your facility, you will be significantly reducing your communities environmental impact and setting the standard for your neighbors to follow. In addition to completely offestting your electric bill with annual payments from Ecogy, we will give the opportunity for you and your neighbors to subscribe to the system and save up to 15% off your monthly electric bill.

  • No risk to host: Ecogy is responsible for operations, maintenance & insurance. 

    By allowing Ecogy to own and operate a solar project for your business, you will get all the financial and environmental benefits of solar, while we take on all costs, maintenance and liability.

    Ecogy finances, operates, and insures this project in its entirety, and is solely responsible for restoring your roof, parking lot or plot of land to its original condition when our rent term is up.

  • Tell a new story and see a brighter future 

    With every solar installation, Ecogy will fund a project marketing campaign to let the world know about your commitment to clean energy. This includes a website with real-time data to visualize performance and significant environmental benefits your company has provided, lobby kiosks to highlight the system and the public website, a formal ribbon cutting ceremony, and press releases distributed to local media outlets.

  • Option of fixed-price or floating structures.

    Fixed-price structures guarantee a low electricity price for the life of the system and act as a hedge against volatile energy prices.

    Floating structures fluctuate based on actual avoided cost; they guarantee constant-percentage energy savings.