Palmer Community Solar
@ Sherwood Lumber

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kWh Generated: 530,909
Providing community members of Western Massachusetts the option to support local, renewable energy, this 433 kW system will provide power to over 50 residents. To join this project, Click "sign up," you can opt out at any time with no cancelation fee!

About: Community Solar is a utility program that saves residence and businesses on their electric bill by subscribing to get a portion of their energy from a local solar system. 


Billing Explained…

Steps to Subscribe

  1. Ecogy Builds and Operates a Solar Project

  2. Solar Energy Produced Goes to the Grid

  3. Members of your Local Community can Subscribe

  4. Solar Credits Get Applied to your Bill

  5. You receive a Second Bill from Ecogy

Ready to get started?

Signing up takes seconds, and you can speak to a member of our team anytime about any questions you may have.


Who is Eligible?

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Areas We Cover:

  • New York

  • Massachusetts

  • Rhode Island

  • Washington D.C.

Environmental Benefits.


Our Projects

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