Palmer Massachusetts


Community solar is coming to Palmer, MA. Nestled along Swift River, this project provides community members with the option to support local, clean, affordable energy generation in Western Massachusetts. Located at a local lumber yard, this 433 kW will provide the equivalent to 372 trees planted a year, ultimately greening Palmer and the surrounding communities. We are looking for 40 to 50 members to join this project, with a short commitment and guaranteed savings. Click "sign up" to learn more!



Contract Term:
2 years

Contract Type:
Percent Discount

Cancellation Fees:

Cancellation Info:
No cancellation restrictions

How you save:

You will be billed as usual by your utility company however your new bill will show “renewable energy credits” that reflect money credited back to your account from the discounted energy. We then send you a separate bill highlighting your energy offset and amount due.


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