Make the Switch to Renewable Energy in Minutes.

Community Solar is a utility program that saves residence and businesses on their electric bill by subscribing to get a portion of their energy from a local solar system.



How Does it Work?

1. Ecogy Builds and Operates a Solar Project
2. Members of Local Community can Subscribe
3. Solar Energy Produced Goes to the Grid
4. Solar Credits Get Applied to your Bill
5. Ecogy bills you for the Difference

Billing Explained…

You will be billed as usual by your utility company however your new bill will show “renewable energy credits” that reflect money credited back to your account from the discounted energy.


Who is Eligible?


Ready to get started?

areas we cover:

  • New York

  • Massachusetts

  • Rhode Island

  • Washington D.C.

Signing up takes seconds, and you can speak to a member of our team anytime about any questions you may have.

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